MCO 3.0 For the Public General Health Protocols From 23/5/21 to 7/6/21

27 May 2021
* Premise owners or licensees must ensure customers enter and exit a premise in a controlled manner – maintaining physical distancing of a minimum of 1-meter.
* Premise owners or licensees are required to provide QR code for MySejahtera check-ins or a book for manual customer attendance record.
* Hand sanitisers must be provided at the entrance and must be used before entering the premises.
* The use of the MySejahtera app is mandatory except in places with no wide internet access. The use of a manual attendance log is ONLY ALLOWED in areas with no internet access or any other reason such as; elderly people without phones, or people who don’t have smartphones, etc
* Store owners must make sure people check in their attendance with the MySejahtera app or manually sign if there is no internet coverage.
* It is MANDATORY for customers/visitors to check-in on the MySejahtera app or manually to enter premises.
* Shopping malls, supermarkets or department store customers only need to undergo body temperature checks ONCE at the entrance of the business complex – not at every store.
* Those with a body temperature above 37.5°C are not allowed to enter the premises.
* Storeowners inside or outside a complex must ensure that only ‘low-risk’ and ‘Casual Contact Low Risk’ individuals are allowed to enter premises. Risk status can be checked on a person’s MySejahtera app.
* It is encouraged that parents/guardians avoid taking children below the age of 12 to public and open places – except for emergencies, medical treatment or for education purposes.
* Store owners must limit the number of customers/visitors on premises – taking into account the minimum 1-meter physical distancing rule.
* Each store/premise must PUT ON DISPLAY the number of customers/visitors allowed into the premises at a single time and it’s encouraged for store owners to provide ‘queue’ numbers’ or tickets to better manage customers
* Check-in QR codes must be made available at all levels of the store.
* Workers, suppliers and customers are required to wear face masks properly according to Health Ministry (KKM) guidelines while on-premises.
* Building owners must ensure proper ventilation and ventilation systems at the premises.
* It’s MANDATORY for EVERYONE to wear face masks, ESPECIALLY in public and crowded areas, except for the following activities/places;
* Hotel rooms or personally paid accommodation or with household/family members.
* Solitary workspace.
* Outdoor sports and recreational activities.
* Personally owned vehicle and with members of the same household.
* Indoor/outdoor public areas and places without the presence of other individuals.
* While eating and drinking in public without any other individuals (other than in restaurants or food premises).
Stay Home & Stay Safe and Stay Healthy 
From: The Management & BHL Property Consultants 
Dated : 24/5/2021

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